Hi there,

Almost one month since my debut post. I guess this blogging thing it is harder than I thought.

For me, a post it’s good when it tells a story and in my case there has been a lot of sewing, but no stories to tell about it.
Then, I read a post in a favorite blog , and felt inspired.
Constanças’s post talks about the art of dressmaking, more specifically about the “right” way to finish a garment. Reading it remainded me about a dress I sew for my daugther a couple of months ago.

This is the story behind that dress.

I began dreaming about this particular dress, when i saw this pin , I love piqué and a-line dresses and this sailor inspired one touched all my right sewing spots.
I started a quest for navy blue piqué in fabric stores, but only found baby blue, baby pink and white. In one store I was complaining about my colour frustration and the salesman said they had a bottle-green piqué stored, but no navy blue. “Bring it” I said, “I can’t stand any more baby colours”. The salesman had the nerve to reply that no one in is right mind would dress a child in dark blue !!!!!! (no one except Oscar de La Renta I thought to myself).

As the fabric was stored for quite some time, it was cheaper than the piqué in the showroom, so I didn’t think twice and brought it home with me.
It wasn’t blue, but then again it wasn’t “babyish”.

I had my mind set on a-line, but the green colour wasn’t sailor at all, so I came up with this:


I’ve been wanting to try piping for some time. I used some Liberty “leftovers” from this, and it was not as dificult as I had antecipated, it was quite easy actually.


I used a pattern from Citronille and modified it to make the front panel. No complications, a simple classic a-line dress, rigth????

Well, for me this dress is really special, not because of the outside, but because of the inside.


I had some leftover bias I made for the pipping and decided to use it to hem the front and back facings of the dress, and let me tell you it looks beautiful (trust me the photos don’t do it justice).

Now I only wish I read Constança’s post before I sew the dress, because I would probably use the “super seam” technique in the serged seams.

On a final note, I’m really not a fan of “taped to the wall dress” photos, but it turns out green it’s not one easy colour to photograph, all outside pictures looked awful.
The only nice picture of her wearing it is this one, and it wasn’t taken by me (as you can see she is “wearing” my camera).



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