How simple is sometimes (or always) better

I had bought this bright blue swiss dot voile a month ago, with the intention of sewing a top to go with this shorts.
I love swiss dot fabric and had pin a couple of beautiful tops to get inspired ( this one, and this other one and also this amazing one are some of my favorites).

I wanted to follow the bubble theme from the shorts, and decided to use a pattern from a japanese book.

Then I saw this post on the Project Run and Play blog and remembered about this pin I have in my “soon to be tween daughter” board.

All this different inspirations led to this:


You may recognize this top as the Popover Sundress from Oliver + S, which is also the pattern to remix in the first week challenge of Project Run and Play – Season 7.

My alterations to the pattern are quite simple – shortened the length to top and added an elastic insert at the hem – so I don’t no if I can call it a remix, but i’m linking it anyway (it’s a nice reason to blog).


My thougths on the pattern… super (SUPER) simple, but so highly satisfying. For me it’s a shame, because I have this pattern in my “to sew” list for so long and had never tried it before, and now my daugther is in the last size available so I may never have the chance to use it again (shame on me, I know).

I hope the nice people in O+S take this in consideration and “upgrade” the pattern to tween sizes 😉


She looks so cute in it (if I may say so myself), and the intended bubble effect was achived, so I couldn’t be more happy 🙂


Note: Background and gellato, courtesy of Santini – I Gelati Più Fini del Mondo , if you are ever in the neighborhood , do not hesitate this is most certainly the best ice-cream in the world.


18 thoughts on “How simple is sometimes (or always) better

    1. Obrigada Ana Sofia. Eu não sei se terei oportunidade de o voltar a usar, é pena. Eu gostei da versão da Marta em macacão, acho que ainda vou experimentar, nem que seja para as minhas sobrinhas pequenas 😉

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