The perfect match

The perfect match

Hi there,

Summer vacations are long gone, and I have so many good things to post about. One of them is this:


For the ones who follow my flickr pool, this shortalls are old news, I’ve post them on flickr two months ago, by the ocassion of KCW. The reason why I decided to blog about them now, is because… I’ve an embarassing confession to make…

… I’m a sucker for matching my kids clothes.

I know it’s kind of tacky, but I just can’t help it, I think they look utterly cute when they match.

I try to restrain myself and not dress them exactly the same way (thank God I have a girl and a boy), but I do love to sew with gender neutral fabrics, and make a girl and a boy piece. So, as you can imagine by the course of this conversation, those shorts up there have a matching girly girl piece of clothing down here:


The navy blue stripes on the fabric were screaming sailor at me, so the choice for the pattern was the sailboat skirt from Oliver+S. This pattern  is great (as all the O+S ones are), it was super quick to sew and quite easy too.

I love how she looks so mature in this skirt, like a little lady 🙂

The obvious “group” shot:


(I know I’m his mum, but that boy smile just cracks me up <3)

This time around I’m trying something new I saw in a french blog I love, and I think it is quite usefull when it comes to pattern information (give me thumbs up and I will keep it, or thumbs down and it will go away – Thanks).


  • Patterns: Oliver+S “Sailboat Skirt” and Citronille “Léon”
  • Modifications to the patterns: Added snaps in the shortalls crotch (for easy access)
  • Sizes: 7 for the skirt and 3 for the shortalls
  • Fabric: Cotton seersucker for both

Now, just one more for the road:


All together now: Ooooohhhhhh!!!!!!

Hugs and kisses, and be aware of more matching post to come…


6 thoughts on “The perfect match

  1. As fotos estão uma delícia, e os kits ficaram o máximo!
    Tenho imensa pena da minha filha não vestir tão bem saias (ainda!) – mal me distraio, fica a frente voltada para trás – este modelo é super giro e fica lindamente com as riscas.

    1. A minha adora saias, mas sofre do mesmo problema. Como tem genes de macaquinha, normalmente é saia de banda e cuequita a mostra :-S
      Este modelo dá-lhe um ar muito crescido e as riscas dão um ar clássico, por isso parece tão compostinha 😉

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