A match made in heaven (or not so much?)

A match made in heaven (or not so much?)

The weather has changed in this side of the world, and it feels much like autumn. I wish I was in “cooler months sewing groove”, but I’m having a hard time letting summer go.

So here it is, my last summer sewing post.
By the title you may have guessed that it follows the previous theme


Here, I think, it’s a perfectly good example of “taking it a bit to far”… this is kind of hurting my eyes 😛

I bought this fabric several years ago (my sweet baby boy wasn’t even in our plans yet), with the intention of sewing a beach dress and a drawstring backpack to go with it.
That never happened, as you can see for yourself, but this fabric couldn´t have been anything else but beach/bath wear. After all it is a terry knit…with fishes!!!!


Hers is a “poncho-like” bathing suit cover. Something easy to put on and off.

(look mummy look, it’s the sea)

His are trunks and a reversible hat.


  • Patterns: Cape “Liseron” from lou & me , trunks from Burda June 2010 and “Reversible bucket hat” from Oliver+S  
  • Modifications to the patterns: None
  • Sizes: 10 years for the cape, 104cm for the trunks and size M for the bucket hat
  • Fabric: Cotton terry knit

On our way home from the beach, the little girl decided to do a fashion statement, and she never wore the poncho the “right” way again 😀


Marta commented in one of Ana Sofia’s posts that matching one kids clothes can be quite practical as it is easier to find them in the crowd… I think she is right.
I couldn’t lose this kids… even if I tried 😉

Now I’m off to find my autumn sewing mojo… KCW is around the corner, and I do NOT want to miss that.

Hugs and kisses


4 thoughts on “A match made in heaven (or not so much?)

  1. Confession: My kids wear matching bathing suits all the time (not quite sure for how long, but so far, I’ve manage to get away with it) 🙂
    I do love the beach poncho (clever) and the last photo is priceless (too cute)

  2. Comprar roupa que faz “pandã” tem outra vantagem: quando não há igual para as duas não compro e assim poupo!
    Adorei o tecido. É mesmo de verão!
    E os modelos são mesmo giros.
    Mal posso esperar por ver a roupa de inverno…

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