KCW – Day 2 – Dotty Tuesday

KCW – Day 2 – Dotty Tuesday

Hi there,

It is day 2 of KCW, and I’m super excited. My little guy outfit was featured in the KCW blog… I mean UAU, I can’t belive it yet.
I’m so honoured, never in a million years I thought something like this would happen to me… UAU !!!!!!

In the other hand I’m not super excited about todays outfit :-S

image(She isn’t either, I’m guessing)

I was planing something like this, comfortable and yet stylish, but the first pattern I tried didn’t quite measure up.
I then resorted to my beloved japanese books, and decided on a pattern from this one. I’ve tried it once before, and chances were that it would be loved (at least judging from the first one).

The fabric was already cut from the previous pattern choice, so I had to improvise and adapt the new one to the already cut pieces.
As for the result, the length came out shy and the shirred waist was no longer a option. 😦

I ended up with a square. 😦 😦 😦


But those red ballerinas… oh my gosh… how cute are they. 😀
I ran in to the nearest store and bought a beautiful bright red cardigan to go with them and…

…Voilá 😀

image(a bit of bribery was requested)

Boring transformed into cute. I guess I can’t get credit for the cardigan, but I can get credit for the styling. 😉


  • Pattern: “y” from this book 
  • Modifications to the patterns: No back closure, a simple t-shirt neckline
  • Sizes: 120cm
  • Fabric: Cotton knit


– “Say what… I Iook cute in my new outfit??? Well, thank you, I do think so myself” ;-D

Hugs and kisses


2 thoughts on “KCW – Day 2 – Dotty Tuesday

  1. Olá Carla!
    Muitos parabéns pela “mensão” no KCW. Totalmente merecida, devo acrescentar…
    Tenho adorado as roupas que fazes para os teus filhos e o teu blog.
    Quem me dera saber costurar com “knits”. Este vestido ficou o máximo!
    Boas costuras!

    1. Oi Marta,

      Muito obrigada pelo elogio. Na verdade quando terminei o vestido achei que era mais tipo camisa de dormir. Mas depois de o ver assim com o casaquinho, mudei de ideias.
      Costurar com “knits” não é nada dificil. Eu tenho uma corte e cose, o que ajuda muito com o acabamento, mas as costuras faço na máquina normal. Os truques são a agulha, a linha, o espaçamento do ponto e o walking foot.
      Para domingo tenho uma surpresa. 😉

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