A long hiatus, and something different for my come back :-)

A long hiatus, and something different for my come back :-)

Hello there,

I’ve been away.
I guess you all know this, but sometimes life just gets in the way. And sometimes life is hard, and you feel like you are not in the place you thought you would be by now. And sometimes you push thru it and sometimes you break.
I broke, and now I’m starting to mend myself. And sewing is one of the many ways I mend.

My children actually do not need for me to sew them clothes, they have amazing aunts and uncles that buy them nice, trendy clothes in hip stores, and they have full wardrobes. I like to sew for them because it is my special gift, something unique made specially for them.

When I was broken I couldn’t find the strength to sew because there was no need for it, but in the last couple of weeks my daughter started to dream about her Mardi Gras outfit, and it felt like she needed me to pull together, so I did.

She had many dreams, but we finally settled with “Jasmine”


This might be weird for some of you, but I actually enjoy sewing costumes. I don’t do that more then twice a year – Mardi Gras and birthdays – and that is fine, because I don’t think I would enjoy it that much if  I had to do it in a regular basis.

I mean it’s hard work and I put a lot of though in to it. Choosing the right pattern and fabric, making it weather appropriate – store bought costumes are a nightmare in that department – but still festive and sparkly, it is not an easy task, but I LOVE IT.

And so does she 🙂


I guess you can tell that by the pictures, right – she is totally focused on her role play.

For this particular outfit I used the Flashback Skinny Tee from Made by Rae. I made it in to a body, added a slightly taller neckband and sewed a pointed sleeve with a ribbon loop for her middle finger – it has a very nice fit.


The trousers are from a Japanese book, and turned out a bit short on the ankles, but she didn’t mind that at all, I guess she was blinded by all the sparkle.


The vest is from this free pattern, it is reversible and the fabric has little silver roses that I think add a special feel to the whole ensemble.

The veil was sewn into a head-band that I covered with the fabric from the trousers. Some gold sparkle ballerinas and she was good to go.


 She was so happy, and that made me… happy 🙂

With the boy it was a different story, he wanted to be Spiderman, and although this amazing handmade outfit is so inspirational, I just  didn’t found the stamina to embrace the endeavour. So we went store bought.


He was happy too 🙂 🙂 🙂

Mardi Gras isn’t until next Tuesday, but today is the school celebration and all the kids go dressed in their costumes and get to play all day long. Nice.

Hugs and kisses, and I hope to see you soon.


2 thoughts on “A long hiatus, and something different for my come back :-)

  1. Numa palavra: Maravilhosos!
    Confesso que pertenço ao grupo das que não costuram fantasias de carnaval (e tenho imensa resistência em costurar algo que sei que só será usado uma vez), mas fico sempre maravilhada com quem consegue – a qualidade dos fatos das lojas deixa sempre imenso a desejar e claramente não são feitos para o “nosso” carnaval com chuva e frio. O fato de Jasmine está soberbo!
    PS. Glad to have you back 🙂 We miss you!

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