Testing 1 2 3

Testing 1 2 3

Hi there,

I’ve been silent, but still very productive 🙂

You see, I was keeping a little secret…


I was a pattern tester for Willow & Co and their Wanderlust Collection, more specifically for the ever so great Celina Bailey from Petit a Petit and Family.

The pattern I got the amazing opportunity to test was the Ash Jumpsuit.



I love jumpsuits, but my daugther has some “issues” with them, something to do with having to go to the bathroom when your mummy is not around 😉
However she is in loooove with this pair, really easy to dress and undress.

They are also great for running…

…for practice one’s equilibrium…

…and for drawing with chalk on the driveway 😀

Yeahhh for Spring Break ❤

This was the first time I ever tested a pattern, and let me tell you it is hard work. I usually sew for fun, but this time I felt like I really had to keep up and deliver, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t fun. In fact it was amazing :-D.

It was so great that I applied to test another one of their patterns, but that is another story.
One that I will tell you all about on the 22nd of April, the day the Willow & Co Wanderlust Collection will be release.

Can’t wait ❤

Mean while, I must say this testing thing can be quite addictive, so I’m now testing a new pattern for on other amazing girl.
But for now that is still a secret, shhhh !!!!

Here are some links for some of my fellow Ash pattern testers:


Amazing work ❤ ❤ ❤


17 thoughts on “Testing 1 2 3

    1. Thank you Lucy. Your version is adorable. I will take sometime tonight to comment on everyone’s posts. This was a great experience a very addictive one too, so hopefully will be doing another soon 🙂

  1. Gosto tanto do tecido! Pois, eu não fiz a versão macacão precisamente por causa das idas à casa de banho… 🙂 E foi tão bom sermos 3 portuguesas no mesmo grupo de testes – que feito! 🙂

    1. Sem dúvida Sara, cada vez somos mais e melhores 😉
      O “pequeno problema” não se aplica neste caso, porque não há nada para apertar, é só pôr e tirar. Ela adorou, para grande espanto meu, tanto que nas últimas 48h não quis vestir outra coisa 🙂

    1. Obrigada Inês. Confesso que para mim isto de ter um blog às vezes dá muito trabalho, mas estes comentários e a oportunidade de conhecer pessoas com os mesmos interesses fazem valer a pena o esforço. Quando postas sobre o poncho?

  2. Oh wow! These photos are great and what a lovely post. Thank you for being an awesome tester and making my pattern look sooo great. I happy you had fun despite all the hard work 😉 I hope to work with you again and again!

  3. Ficou tão giro Carla! Não fiquei fã de imediato deste macacão (acho que ainda vou preferindo vestidos – tenho de me actualizar), mas a principal interessada adorou e não me vai largar até ter uma versão 🙂
    Agora só preciso de mais umas horinhas para costurar …

    1. Obrigada Sofia ❤
      Eu também adoro vestidos, principalmente os que tu fazes.
      Eu gosto ver crianças vestidas de crianças e não de pequenos adultos 🙂 Mas, eu com a idade dela também gostava de me vestir de crescida, por isso de vez em quando faço-lhe a vontade 🙂

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