Happy Homemade Sew-Along

Happy Homemade Sew-Along

When Meg and Cherie challenged everyone for the Happy Homemade Sew-Along I knew I had to join in, especially because I’ve never tried the pattern they chose, despite having this book for a couple of years.

Because the pattern chosen is suitable for boys and girls, I decided to sew for my little fellow, as he doesn’t get many mommy-made items.

I chose fabric from my stash and traced the pattern, but didn’t get the chance to sew along during the week.

Here is my initial drawing:


When wondering around Pinterest I saw this pin, and changed my mind:


Following the pin link to this board, I came across this instructions to color block a raglan t-shirt, and changed my mind again!!!!!!! All this diferentes inspirations and I got…

IMG_3842 (2)

… the multicoloured hoodie 🙂

I cut the front and back pieces following the instructions on the O+S site, and the stripes matched perfectly on the side seams, but don’t look horizontal in the center front and back. I figure this would happen when I was cutting, but thought that matching the stripes in the seams was more important. Now I don’t really like how it looks 😦

I decided not to line the hood, but didn’t want the stress of sewing a double folded seam with the lightweight knit I chose. So, I tried the same binding technique used for the neck, with a very bright yellow cotton bias.


The neck binding, that you can’t see when the hoodie is worn, is a light neon orange. This hoodie turned out a little bit – let’s call it – cheerful, way more than my original intention 😐

To top it all I run out of thread right at the very end and couldn’t finish the bottom hem. I really don’t mind that because I’m thinking of replacing the striped panels with a solid colour, maybe in navy blue????


I really like the contrast of his swim trunks with de neon-orange cord and I’m thinking of reproducing that in the hem of the hoodie.

Speaking of swim trunks, we had the intention of taking this pictures in the beach, but it started to rain and we couldn’t leave home, hence the indoor shoot.





He was having fun, despite being cornered in the house ❤

Hugs and kisses


PS – Don’t forget to take a look at all the amazing hoodies taking part of this sewalong 🙂


8 thoughts on “Happy Homemade Sew-Along

  1. I think this looks fantastic and so wearable! I didn’t notice any issues with the stripes. And I love your solution for the hood! Using the same binding method is such a great idea and a fun pop of color.

  2. I think this is fantastic through and through! All the little contrasting bits and the fact that it’s short sleeved! I love it!

    1. Thank you Meg, it’s decided, the stripes are staying. I knew I wanted short sleeves from the start, and I’m so happy you liked it. Now I have one other problem, should I finish the hem or leave it as is???? I like the unfinished look, but I love that neon orange cord 😀

    1. Obrigada Inês, desde que o fiz já o vestiu meia dúzia de vezes, sempre para a praia, por isso já não vou mesmo alterar nada.
      A ideia do viés surgiu mesmo por preguiça, torna o capuz um bocadinho mais pesado o que faz com que caia mais para trás e suba a gola na frente 😦
      Ele sente-se confortável e pede sempre para o vestir quando digo que vamos à praia, por isso dou-me por muito satisfeita. Se o visse numa loja nunca o compraria, mas fico contente por tê-lo feito ❤

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