KCW Summer 2014 – Day 2

KCW Summer 2014 – Day 2

Hi there,

So, here we are, it’s KCW – day 2 and for starters I would like to thank Megan, for choosing my daugther’s new skirt to be featured in the KCW blog and Facebook. Last time I participated my boy outift was featured to, and I was soooo happy. This time around however…

… I’m soooo much more than happy, it is a feeling I can’t explain. I’m actually jumping up and down and doing a silly dance while I’m at it.

Got’you didn’t I ;-). Thank you, thank you, thank you so much Megan ❤

So, because yesterday all the spotlights were on the little Miss, today my baby boy is taking the center stage 😀


He is such a cutie pie, isn’t he?

I wanted to try and give him a bad boy kind of look and decided to make him a muscle-T.


I think I failed miserably, he still looks uterlly cute ❤

I used the Flashback Skinny-T pattern from Rae, size 5, minus the sleeves. For the neck and arms binding I used a cotton knit bias I bought a long time ago. It is great stuff, but only goes for one or two projects by package.


The bodice fabric is jersey cotton-spandex blend from a local shop. It was actually in the scraps bin and it cost me €3 ($4). I liked the retro look of the print and couldn’t resist it :-D.

Once again, a one hour project – yeahhh, I’m rocking this KCW 🙂 🙂 🙂

You can’t have a muscle-T, without a muscle pic…


… and again, soooooo cute.

He just can’t help it <3.

Hugs and kisses


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