Pinspiration – Part 2


Do you remember my first pinspiration post?

As much as I loved the final result, it was a bit of a disaster, because the recipient wasn’t very happy about her Oscar look-a-like dress.

Then I saw Heidi’s post about the Knock-it-off series she hosts on her blog and couldn’t pass the opportunity of recreating another loved pin.

I choosed a handful of pins I knew I could recreate and let my daugther choose the one she wanted ( lesson learned 😛 ).


(Inspiration pin)


I’m really glad she chose this one, because I had the perfect fabric in my stash ( I love when that happens 😀 ). It’s a white voile with gold dots.


IMG_4990 (2)

The top pattern is the Ethereal Dress and Blouse by Figgy’s, with two ruffles pieces instead of one. I removed one inch from the original pattern piece for the upper ruffle, and serged the hem on both of them.

Because the fabric was quite sheer I decided to lined the skirt piece as well as the bodice. I also serged the bottom hem, so it would be just a tiny bit longer than the lining.

IMG_5022 (2)

The shorts are the Clover by Willow and Co.

The fabric is the same as her brother’s shorts.


Overall, I love this outift… and she does too ❤

Hugs and kisses.


10 thoughts on “Pinspiration – Part 2

  1. Tão giro! Gosto imenso de bolinhas e que giro a forma como consegues recriar os pins 🙂
    A minha M também tem uns calções iguais (Clover em ganga fininha) – são super práticos e combinam com tudo 🙂

    1. Obrigada Sofia, não gostei tanto do resultado final como no vestido “Oscar”, mas ela gostou mais deste. É mais “trendy”, compreende-se.
      Quanto aso calções, tanto os dele como os dela estão a esgaçar nas costuras, julgo que pelo tecido ser fino. Já experimentei reduzir e alargar o comprimento do ponto, mas o resultado é o mesmo. Não devem vesti-los muito mais vezes infelizmente 😦

  2. Adoro o tecido do top, o conjunto ficou mesmo giro! Estou ha imenos tempo a dizer que tenho que fazer uns clovers de ganga (mas acabei por comprar na zara por 4 euros uns calcoes de ganga… upsss fui pregiçosa! lol)

  3. Holy cow, I love the double ruffle!! So pretty! I have this pattern, my daughter loves the dress I made for her, this is inspiring me to make her a new one copying this idea!

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