Summer remnants

Hi you guys

Remember Project Run & Play – Season 10….

… and do you remember Denim Chalenge week…


…I think I might have missed it by a couple of weeks… ups


This dress was actually finished just before denim week started and pictures were taken early that week, but then something (or someone – I can’t remember exactly what) got in the middle of business and I did’t had the chance to post it.

I’d forgotten all about it, but today I read a post from my friend Sara about a dress she made for her beautifull red-headed daugther and how it relates to the definition of selfish sewing.

What?!?! (you say)… How does this (and Sara’s) gourgeous dress relates to being selfish with your sewing?!?!?


Well, just like Sara, I made this dress for me.

Not for me to wear (I’m not that crazy), but for me to feel that I’ve acomplished yet another mile stone in my sewing adventure. You see, this dress is actually a muslin (for something special I’m planning for mid 2015).

I’ve never made a muslin before, can you belive it.

And my first one looks so freaking awsome, I think that from this day forward I will never sew anything else. Just muslins… just kidding 😉



It is well loved as you can see ❤

As for the title of this post, it is just a reminder that summer is over in my little corner of the world, and this beautifull dress is patiently waiting in her closet for spring to return.

Hope it still fits her by then, or we will both be devastated 😀

Hugs and kisses


15 thoughts on “Summer remnants

    1. Soraia, é bem mais fácil do que parece. Demorei alguns anos para me aventurar e agora estou bem arrependida. Este é o último tamanho disponível (8 anos). Obrigada pelo comentário ❤

  1. Oh Carla! Ficou tão mais bonito do que eu tinha ideia (pela foto do fb). Não dá para vestir com uma blusa por baixo? É que eles às vezes crescem tanto entre estações e é uma pena se a primavera chegar e não lhe servir.

    1. Obrigada Magda. Ainda o usou bastante neste ínicio de outono com casaquinho, mas agora com o frio que ficou de repente não dá mesmo (não cabe camisola por baixo). Espero que ela só cresça para cima 😀

  2. Oh wow. Seriously, the second I scrolled to the second photo the words “oh wow” just escaped my mouth. That is absolutely beautiful – I love it. You’ve done a fabulous job on it. The fabric matched with the denim – utterly perfect. Wow. Truly – just wow.

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