The Twister ;-)

Hi there, There are a whole lot of meanings for that word up there, but the one I was going for was tornado aka… my daughter 🙂

She has never ending bateries, and I love her for that ❤

So, when Laura asked for testers for her new pattern – the twisted trousers – I jumped to the opportunity because I knew they would be perfect for my girl 🙂

IMG_7337 (2) I was right 😉

I’ve tried one of Laura’s patterns before and I loved it, so I was thrilled when she pick me to test for her ❤

Actually the top on this pictures is also one of Laura’s patterns, that hopefully will be available soon 😀

IMG_7344 (2) The twisted trousers, as the name states, have twisted seams, that can be enhanced by the use of piping, different colours and/or prints on the leg panels.

IMG_7349 I also used piping in the back yoke. You can use it on the back pockets too and the trousers can be fully reversible 😀

IMG_7356 The front pockets linnig can feature a fun print. I choose flowers for a more girly look…

IMG_7360 …and a knit ribbing waistband for some extra confort 🙂

Perfect for my little hurricane girl ❤



IMG_7395 Thank you Laura  for such an amazing pattern

Hugs and kisses

16 thoughts on “The Twister ;-)

  1. The outfit looks fantastic on her and it’s great that the trousers fit her personality so well. Love the photos too – looks like you had a gorgeous day at the beach. Thanks for all the help with testing.

    1. Thank you Laura for such na amazing pattern. We went there after schooll and she was thrilled, wich normally doesn’t happen when I want to take her pictures 😉

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