Sininen Dress

Hello there,

My little brother got married yesterday

So I made the little lady a flower girl dress 😀


This dress was one of the things I most enjoyed sewing lately.

Besides the obvious reason that it was for a very special day, this was fun to sew because my daughter is the person responsible for the amazing wonder that this dress is 🙂

You see, I wanted a white “broderie anglaise” dress, but she insisted it had to be blue. And why do you ask… because blue is the middle name of my “new little sister”.

Sininen in her native language ❤


I had this blue chiffon laying around in my stash (a present from my sweet seamstress cousin), and the girl stated that she wanted that fabric and no other.

I decided to indulge her because I’ve never sewn the pattern before, and figured I would make the white one, after this “muslin” version.

Ohhh, I was soooo wrong….


The blue dress turned out amazing, me and the little miss were completely smitten by it.

It twirls so beautifully you can’t even imagine ❤

I had hoped to take really nice photos of this dress, but the day was so full (of work, love, and everything in between), that these were the best I could get. I hope the wedding photographer has done a better job than me 😉


The pattern is the hummingbird dress by rabbit rabbit creations ( thank you so much Constança for this lovelly gift

The back is soooo beautiful, but the weather was quite chilly, so “we” decided she shouldn’t take the cardigan off… and that is the reason of that pouty face up there 😉


… and they lived happily ever after…

It was a lovelly wedding

Hugs and kisses

18 thoughts on “Sininen Dress

  1. Estou totalmente apaixonada por este vestido: o tecido é lindissímo e adoro o molde, mas nem sequer o tenho, porque acho mesmo que pede uma ocasião especial!
    Está tudo perfeito – conceito, molde, tecido e modelo (apesar de eu concordar com a R. – que chatice o mau tempo para atrapalhar) ❤

  2. Carla, o vestido ficou fantástico! O tecido é perfeito, tanto no padrão como no cair, e fica mesmo bem à Rita. És mesmo uma super-mãe! 🙂

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