Wild things @ the Zoo

Hi there,

It’s KCW again, and I couldn’t be more excited about this season theme…

I love wild things, like… my kids and… my kids 😉

So to get in KCW groove I decided we should go all out and take a trip to the zoo 😀

Of course we had to dress specialy for the occasion…


The girl was properly dressed with her favorite animal… well, after donkies, zebras are a close second, after all they are all in the family 😉


The cool fabric is from Nosh, in Finland ❤

It’s the most awsome knit I have ever worked with and it’s organic to add  to its awesomeness.


The pattern is the  Ethereal Dress by Figgy’s, already used once here, but this time with long sleeves.

I didn’t do the back neck openning because there was no need for it with knit, but I did use the neck facings, as I think it looks more “professional”.


The zebras couldn’t care less 😉

…. more to come tomorrow… think penguins…

Hugs and kisses

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