Mr. Penguin


So, continuing with our trip to zoo… one of the animals I was most excited to see were the penguins 🙂


There is something about this birds that just makes me want to cuddle them.

However, I’m very found of my fingers, as they are quite essencial to my daily life, so I wouldn’t dare try to go near one of this babies 😉

Instead I just went ahead and cuddle this cutie pie ❤

This outfit was sewn for my brothers wedding and probably isn’t very “zoo apropriate”, but I thought he would look so cute near the penguins I couldn’t resist it.

He was the most well dressed little boy those animals have ever seen I can assure you 😉

The pattern is the art museum vest by Oliver+S and I really don’t want to repeat myself, but Liesl gives me no other option…

Best Pattern Ever… for a boy’s vest


The main fabric is the same as here and here (no I didn’t bought the wole bolt… it was an offer from my cousin 🙂 ), and the back and linning are black satin for a more poshed look 😉


– “Mommy, can you see the penguins ?!?!?”

– “No honey, were are they ?”

– “Here mommy, look they are here :-D”


-“Ohhh, I see them honey, but now it’s time to go home, ok ???”


– “Nooooooooo !!!”

Hugs and kisses

7 thoughts on “Mr. Penguin

  1. Ditto what Diana said. He’s soooo cute!
    I believe it must be difficult to resist that “sad” (pardon, adorable) expression 😉
    Obviously the vest is perfect as well (but he does steals the show …)

  2. He is really cute!!! and looks great with the vest 🙂 Definitely very well dressed to visit the penguins 😉

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