Some awareness and a wild skirt

Hi there,

So I’ve been loving this KCW season.

I absolutly love going to the zoo with my children, not only because we have sooo much fun seing all those magnificient animals, but also because we learn a lot about our beautifull planet and how to treasure all of it’s diversity.

If you don’t mind I like to talk a little more about the Iberian lynx IMG_7779

This gorgeous cat is on the verge of extinction. There are only a few of them left in the wild, and the Lisbon zoo is taking an active roll in trying to save this beautifull species.

If you want to learn more you can go here (in portuguese) or here (in english).

And now for some actual sewing…


I made this skirt as try out for the double rolled hemmed skirt of the sininen dress.

I had this scrap of fabric for about two years and I knew I wanted to make a skirt with it after I saw this pin.


The little girl wore the skirt for her birthday party last weekend, and she was thrilled 🙂


The fabric is light voile and because it is double layered it, you can’t see through it (thank God!!!)


I added a rainbow elastic waist, for more fun, and I think it makes the skirt (and model)  look really cool 😀


The party was in a horse farm, and all the kids had fun petting the “not so wild” ponies

Hugs and kisses

3 thoughts on “Some awareness and a wild skirt

  1. Que bom teres falado no lince Ibérico 🙂 A saia ficou gira e o elástico deu-lhe outra cor! Aposto que a aniversariante andava toda vaidosa 😉

  2. O tecido é muito giro e fica mesmo bem assim (adoro as tuas bainhas na corte e cose. A ver se arrisco)!
    Imagino que a “aniversariante” deve ter ficado super contente – ultimamente são só peças cool 😉

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