Happy B-day (month!!!!) Ottobre

Hello there friends,

It’s day 2 of Portuguese bloggers celebrating Ottobre’s magazine and I couldn’t be more excited 😀

Did you see Marta’s post yesterday????

She is amazing isn’t she???

So, today it’s my turn to show you some Ottobre sewing…


The thing I most love about Ottobre is that the children’s patterns go up to 170cm. !!!! Hooray for nordic genetics!!!

Because my daugther is a bit on the “chubby” side, I always have to size up, so this feature it’s a big plus in my book (two thumbs up!!!!!)


Both pieces are from Ottobre Spring 1/2015, and are meant to be complementary to each other.


The patterns are quite simple to sew, specialy the skirt 😉

The top is a bit more complicated, because you have make the panels from the original front piece and add seam allowances. Nothing to hard but, you do have to take in account that are a few angles involved… Lesson learned, the hard way 😉


The back piece of the top is a solid panel. You can do the same as in the front, but I like it better this way (or I’m to lazy… one of the two) 😛

The fabrics are from the scraps bin of a local fabric shop, I didn’t spent more then 5 euros in the whole ensemble 😀 😀 😀

And now for the fun part…

Do you wan’t to win a one year Ottobre Magazine subscription (we have 5 to offer) or 50 euros to spent at Ottobre’s etsy shop or 30 euros to spend on fabric in Paula’s shop Maçãs d’Amor ?!?!?

Please go to Marta’s Post, because it seams rafflecopter doesn’t work very well with wordpress domains!!! 😛

Good Luck !!!!

Oh, and by the way, don’t forget to visit Diana’s blog today. I bet she has something amazing to show to you!!!

And make sure to visit all of my friends in the upcoming days.


You will be wowed, I’m sure!!!


Something completely off-topic but, looking at this pictures, I’ve come to the realisation that the little girl is becoming a little lady… Mixed feelings here…. 😦 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤


Hugs & Kisses


33 thoughts on “Happy B-day (month!!!!) Ottobre

  1. Carla, este teu outfit está simplesmente o máximo! As cores são lindas. Fica tão bem na tua filha. Já não tem aquele ar de roupa de criança mas não parece uma miúda vestida de senhora. Perfeito!

  2. Muito muito giro!!
    Como eu te compreendo! Eles crescem a olhos vistos (embora, os nossos olhos de mãe sejam sempre os ultimos a ver) e é tão bom ver que continuam a gostar do que lhes fazemos.
    O outfit ficou muito giro – crescido qb (como nós gostamos) e “cool” (como elas gostam!).

  3. O conjunto, que de início me pareceu um vestido 😊, fica-lhe muito bem, e as cores que escolheste combinam na perfeição.
    Não costumo costurar nada com malhas, mas tenho que começar a pensar nisso.

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