Come back

Hello my lovelly friends and readers

It has been over one year, since the last time I blogged. I really miss it, let me tell you.

I didn’t stopped sewing, but sometimes I feel like there is nothing about my ventures, that is worth writing about. This blogging thing is hard work, and most of the time I feel that I have nothing new to say/show. I really don’t want to bore you with my sewing!!!

Anyhow, I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, and realized that I have to admit to myself  that my blog is for me. Not that I don’t like to have readers and I love all your wonderfull comments, but if I keep worrying about what you wan’t to read/see, I lose focus on the main reason of this blog

I want to keep track of my sewing. It’s as simple as that…


This dress ( yes, it’s a dress!!!) was sewn last year, I don’t remember quite when anymore, but it’s one of the girl favourites, at the moment.

I love (and hate) how she looks so grown up in it…


The pattern is the Pretty in Peplum, by Sew Much Ado.

Fabrics are Nosh Organics from a past season, but the butterfly pattern is available in a similar colour this season.

I LOVE Nosh fabrics, but that it’s not news to you.


Pictures were taken in Museu Nacional de História Natural e da Ciência (English here). It’s a really wonderfull place to visit with children… ooooh’s and aaaah’s from the entrance to the exit, for sure!!!

That’s it for now!!!

Hugs and kisses

2 thoughts on “Come back

  1. So good to see you’re back 😊 The dress is perfect for little girls that are growing up fast and Rita looks so nice wearing it! She is becoming a young lady!

  2. Welcome back!!! I too keep forcing myself to post on my blog, I’ve thought about giving up so many times, but I just can’t. No matter how long it takes to post, I just rather keep on doing it. As you said, it is mainly for me too. Your girl does look so grown up indeed and the dress is so pretty.

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