Refashion week @ house of estrela

Refashion week @ house of estrela

Hi you guys,

Today I’m here to show you something new in my sewing adventures… refashion.

Altougth I’ve been tempeted by the idea a couple of times, I’ve never, ever, ever, refashion anything (clothes, I mean) in my life. I usually use my clothes to exaustion, until nothing can be done out of them, except maybe “rag cloths”.

When my friend Magda asked me to participate in her refashion week – a special editon of the very inspiring refashion month – my first instinct was to say nooooo… it was too much of a chalenge for me…


Then, with her loving charm, Magda convinced me I could do this, without embarrassing me (and her) too much.

Start slow, make it simple, she said… and so I did ❤

As you can see, I started of with a stack of “old/wear out/don’t fit me anymore, cause I’m slimmer” jeans 😀

My first thought was to refashion them in to something for me – like chopping the legs off and make some 80’s inspired-Daisy Duke’s hotpants – but then I remember I’m actually not that thin 😉

Then I thought about doing something for my children, but I couldn’t quite figure out how to do a “simple” refashion for them.

Start slow, make it simple… was still resounding in my head…

So I decided to chop off the jeans legs anyway and with the kids still in my mind, I made them a floor cushion (can’t get more simple than that, right?????).


It look’s like a dog pillow I know, but although I don’t have dogs, my kids sometimes act like ones 😉

I don’t know about your kids, but those in my household have some particularly quirky ways of watching TV, especially the younger one. There must be something wrong about the couch, because he never sits there when watching his beloved cartoons. He actually likes to lay down on the floor.

Sooooo, just because I’m a loving mommy ❤ ❤ ❤ … I decided to stop wrestling him into the couch, and give him some comfort when he’s laying on the living room carpet 🙂





To be fair, not all squares are from my old jeans (they are all kind of the same washed version), some scraps from previous projects were also included 😛

The back side of the pillow, I could say it was made with my “grandma curtains”, but it wasn’t.

The fabric used on the back side is a typical Portuguese fabric named “chita”, used some generations ago to make… curtains (and other housewear). It is quite a sturdy fabric, that endures the not so delicate treatment my kids usually give to their things.

It was bought in an antique fabric warehouse that has been closed for a couple of years now.


It is really beautifull ❤ ❤ ❤

IMG_7013 (2)

And the boy stated it is his preferred side… and already managed to find one more quirky way of watching TV…

IMG_6993 (2)

I don’t really know if this falls in the refashion categorie, because I didn’t make clothing out of clothing, but I think it is definitely recycling. Remember I’m just starting… and I’m hooked 😉

Don’t forget to go to Magda’s blog to check her refashion, and the ones by my other amazing friends ❤



Hugs and kisses ❤