Family Celebrations

Hello there,

It as been a while, I know… summer as come and gone, and it was busy busy busy…

Little ol’ blog here was kind of left abandoned 😀 😀 😀

Thru this summer months we, as a family, had two celebrations that were very important to us ❤

First communion for the little miss…


… and baptism for the little mister.


I had to make them something special to wear, of course 🙂

For the my daughter’s celebration, I made something really special… a dress that has to be one of my favourites of all time.


The pattern is the Roma from C’est Dimanche and fabric is white cotton “broderie anglaise

For the collar and bodice accent I used silver bias from a local store and a satin silvery ribbon for the waist.


In one word… Perfection ❤ ❤ ❤

And, here are they in her special day…


Two months later and it was the boy’s time to celebrate ❤


I made him a white cotton shirt, from Happy Homemade Vol.2.

I love that “mao” style collar 🙂

Like a true lady, the little girl wanted new clothes for her brother’s special day, and I happily obliged 😀


The skirt, is just two panels sewn together with elastic at the waist, what makes it special is the fabric…

Liberty….. ❤

The top is from this wonderful book. ( Thank so much dear Ana Sofia ❤ )


Love them to bits ❤ ❤ ❤

Hugs and kisses.





Mr. Penguin


So, continuing with our trip to zoo… one of the animals I was most excited to see were the penguins 🙂


There is something about this birds that just makes me want to cuddle them.

However, I’m very found of my fingers, as they are quite essencial to my daily life, so I wouldn’t dare try to go near one of this babies 😉

Instead I just went ahead and cuddle this cutie pie ❤

This outfit was sewn for my brothers wedding and probably isn’t very “zoo apropriate”, but I thought he would look so cute near the penguins I couldn’t resist it.

He was the most well dressed little boy those animals have ever seen I can assure you 😉

The pattern is the art museum vest by Oliver+S and I really don’t want to repeat myself, but Liesl gives me no other option…

Best Pattern Ever… for a boy’s vest


The main fabric is the same as here and here (no I didn’t bought the wole bolt… it was an offer from my cousin 🙂 ), and the back and linning are black satin for a more poshed look 😉


– “Mommy, can you see the penguins ?!?!?”

– “No honey, were are they ?”

– “Here mommy, look they are here :-D”


-“Ohhh, I see them honey, but now it’s time to go home, ok ???”


– “Nooooooooo !!!”

Hugs and kisses


One hand full…

Hi friends,

This past week and a half I’ve been busy, busy, busy.

There were a whole lot of events keeping me occupied… at the sewing machine and not so much 🙂

The most important of them all was that my baby boy turned five (hã…what?!?!?!?) years old…

One hand full… of LOVE

So, to celebrate his “manhood” (sob-sob) I made him a pair of skinny trousers 😀

IMG_7290 (2)

He is not unhappy up there, I can assure you, that is actualy his pouty face 😉

Cause, let me tell you, the kid rocks this skinnys like the real heartthrob that he is…

IMG_7277 (2)

IMG_7279 (3)


I told’ya 😉

The pattern is the “Smal Fry Skinny Jeans” from Titchy Threads, and it is the most awesome pants pattern I’ve ever used. I mean, this skinnys were hard work, but “ohhh sooooo” worth it.

However, after sewing this pair, I felt like I should never ever again complaint about the price of a pair of jeans 😀

And here he is again…



… being the little baby monkey that I love  ❤

Yesterday it was the day to celebrate Mardi Gras. He wore the same outfit with some minor accessories and became…


May the force be with you my friends…

Hugs and kisses


The sailor who stole my heart

Hi you guys,

So, KCW turned out to be less “productive” then I had planned. I mean I got to sew a lot, but couldn’t find the time for picture taking and blogging making 😉

One of the things I wanted to do this year was to sew some patterns I own and that have “low life expectancy” (the ones that are at the last size available for my children), especially the ones I never tried before.

I think it is a good policy to try all the patterns that I own, at least once before my kids grow out of them, don’t you think?



…I have a “thing” for sailors 🙂

Well, not for the actual sailor-person, but more for the sailor style, so when the “Anchors Aweigh” from Peek-a-Boo patterns was released (last year I believe), I couldn’t resist it, nor the “twin” dress that I have yet to sew for the little Miss.


The pattern is really nice and although I was confused by some parts of the instructions, it came together pretty quickly and smoothly. I finish attaching the collar with bias binding, instead of following the instructions stated, and realize it worked well for this particular shirt because the fabric was very light weighted and didn’t bulk much.


The shirt is cotton-linen blend in gray and white, with grosgrain accents.

The shorts are very light denim, almost like chambray, and are from the same pattern.


He looks so cute in his new outfit that now I can honestly say that I have a “thing” for one particular sailor ❤

“You see, there is a sailor that stole my heart. He calls me mommy “

Hugs and kisses

KCW Summer 2014 – Day 2

KCW Summer 2014 – Day 2

Hi there,

So, here we are, it’s KCW – day 2 and for starters I would like to thank Megan, for choosing my daugther’s new skirt to be featured in the KCW blog and Facebook. Last time I participated my boy outift was featured to, and I was soooo happy. This time around however…

… I’m soooo much more than happy, it is a feeling I can’t explain. I’m actually jumping up and down and doing a silly dance while I’m at it.

Got’you didn’t I ;-). Thank you, thank you, thank you so much Megan ❤

So, because yesterday all the spotlights were on the little Miss, today my baby boy is taking the center stage 😀


He is such a cutie pie, isn’t he?

I wanted to try and give him a bad boy kind of look and decided to make him a muscle-T.


I think I failed miserably, he still looks uterlly cute ❤

I used the Flashback Skinny-T pattern from Rae, size 5, minus the sleeves. For the neck and arms binding I used a cotton knit bias I bought a long time ago. It is great stuff, but only goes for one or two projects by package.


The bodice fabric is jersey cotton-spandex blend from a local shop. It was actually in the scraps bin and it cost me €3 ($4). I liked the retro look of the print and couldn’t resist it :-D.

Once again, a one hour project – yeahhh, I’m rocking this KCW 🙂 🙂 🙂

You can’t have a muscle-T, without a muscle pic…


… and again, soooooo cute.

He just can’t help it <3.

Hugs and kisses

Happy Homemade Sew-Along

Happy Homemade Sew-Along

When Meg and Cherie challenged everyone for the Happy Homemade Sew-Along I knew I had to join in, especially because I’ve never tried the pattern they chose, despite having this book for a couple of years.

Because the pattern chosen is suitable for boys and girls, I decided to sew for my little fellow, as he doesn’t get many mommy-made items.

I chose fabric from my stash and traced the pattern, but didn’t get the chance to sew along during the week.

Here is my initial drawing:


When wondering around Pinterest I saw this pin, and changed my mind:


Following the pin link to this board, I came across this instructions to color block a raglan t-shirt, and changed my mind again!!!!!!! All this diferentes inspirations and I got…

IMG_3842 (2)

… the multicoloured hoodie 🙂

I cut the front and back pieces following the instructions on the O+S site, and the stripes matched perfectly on the side seams, but don’t look horizontal in the center front and back. I figure this would happen when I was cutting, but thought that matching the stripes in the seams was more important. Now I don’t really like how it looks 😦

I decided not to line the hood, but didn’t want the stress of sewing a double folded seam with the lightweight knit I chose. So, I tried the same binding technique used for the neck, with a very bright yellow cotton bias.


The neck binding, that you can’t see when the hoodie is worn, is a light neon orange. This hoodie turned out a little bit – let’s call it – cheerful, way more than my original intention 😐

To top it all I run out of thread right at the very end and couldn’t finish the bottom hem. I really don’t mind that because I’m thinking of replacing the striped panels with a solid colour, maybe in navy blue????


I really like the contrast of his swim trunks with de neon-orange cord and I’m thinking of reproducing that in the hem of the hoodie.

Speaking of swim trunks, we had the intention of taking this pictures in the beach, but it started to rain and we couldn’t leave home, hence the indoor shoot.





He was having fun, despite being cornered in the house ❤

Hugs and kisses


PS – Don’t forget to take a look at all the amazing hoodies taking part of this sewalong 🙂

KCW – Day 1 – Back to School Monday

KCW – Day 1 – Back to School Monday

Hi there,

It’s monday, and that is always hard on me and my little fellow. We love our weekends together. 😀

This particular monday however, I’m really excited because…. It’s KCW.
So, in honor of my toddler and his monday blues, my first KCW post is all about him.


I hardly sew for my boy, or better yet, I sew a lot (a LOT) more for my girl.
Don’t get me wrong, I love to sew for him because now a days he is much more appreciative of mommy’s hard work than the little lady.
It’s just that cool boys patterns are soooo hard to find. 😦

Then one day, Pattern Anthology happens, and you get this…


I didn’t bought the collection until the last minute, but every single day the pattern tour made me drool, so I couldn’t resist it… I’m glad I didn’t.
This patterns are the best.

I was particularly inspired by Kate and her zipper seam on the “W Pants”.


If you try really hard you can see that the pocket lining is the same fabric as the t-shirt. I didn’t want the pants and the t-shirt to be too matchy-matchy (I can’t belive I’m saying this with my admited matching fixation) but I thought this particular detail wouldn’t hurt.
The fit is awsome, at least on my little fellow.

To me raglan t-shirts are the epitome of school wear, and school and fall go hand-in-hand. So there is no better fall wear than the good old raglan. 🙂


The “Recess Raglan” doesn’t disappoint. Quick to sew, and great wardrobe basic. I LOVE IT.


  • Patterns: “W pants” and “Recess Raglan” from Pattern Anthology
  • Modifications to the patterns: The ones stated above
  • Sizes: 4 for both
  • Fabric: Twill for the pants and various cotton knits for the raglan


Off to school we go…

See you tomorrow. 🙂

Hugs and Kisses