Testing – The Lotta Dress

Testing – The Lotta Dress


In Portugal there is saying that goes something like “no two without three” wich means that if something happens twice it will definitely happen one more time.

That was true for me with this testing business, because after testing my first two patterns, I apllied to test the Lotta Dress from Compagnie M, and guess what?


I got to test size 9, but by my child measurements it should have been an 8. I have this awkward tendacie to size up when I sew, so the dress isn’t as fit as it should be (my fault) but I love how it looks on my daugther.

I also cheated a little and decided to do a box pleat instead of gathers on the front skirt pannel, because my daugther doesn’t like “princess” dresses anymore. 😦


On the back I choose to do the button placket instead of the invisible zipper, but will definitely tried it the next time I sew this dress, just got to get over my panic attack every time I think of that. 😀

Do to a small error (which is now corrected, thanks to testing 😉 ) the placket became to wide, so I went with larger buttons and sew them unevenly. I must say I love the way it looks, it’s like a little field of flowers. ❤



I love everything about this dress from the cap sleeves, to the pocket detail (there are two more options) and the engenius neckline.

I felt like this dress had a vintage inspiration, but was totaly conviced of that when my daugther stated:

– Ohhh mother you sewed me an 80’s dress !!!

To wich I replied:

– Why? Don’t you like it?

To which she yelled:

– I loooooove it ❤

Want to see…

IMG_3799 (2)

IMG_3792 (2)

IMG_3790 (2)

IMG_3788 (2)

Hugs and Kisses ❤

Testing – part 2

Testing – part 2


Here I am to show you the other pattern I tested for Willow & Co.

It was, once again, a pattern from the always amazing Celina Bailey

The Elm Raincoat Poncho 😀


I know I said I would post it in the 22nd, but “life” just got in the way.

With spring break over, getting back to the routine was a bit hard on me and my children. We had a great time on our little vacation ❤

Anyway, back to the pattern…


… in one word…

… AMAZING ❤ ❤ ❤


The pattern states it is a raincoat, so a water proof fabric (like oilcloth) it’s probably a much better choice then the one I used, but I was over my “new fabric budget” for this month, so I had to stick with what I had laying around.

I got this fabric in end of the bolt sale, and it is a kind of quilted velour, with batting, which makes it perfect for lining a winter coat. This was actually what I had intended for it but testing a new pattern is most definatly higher in my priority list 🙂

That being said, I think my choice wasn’t the best. The poncho became quite heavy as the result of using such fabric + quilting cotton for the lining. It is warm and cozy (that is nice) but I don’t think my daugther will wear it this season 😦

Thank God for seasons coming and going, as I think this will be perfect for next winter 😀


The pattern has a lot of details that make it quite unique. I love the hood with the visor and the welt pockets in the front seams, which makes it very “teenager” friendly, but you could also choose to sew big or little ears on the hood and patch pockets on the front, and that completly changes the mood for baby or toddler ❤

I am so gratefull I tested this pattern and the Ash Jumpsuit. I learned a lot of new things. I got to meet some extraordinary women, some of them my “neigh-bours“, and I was left with amazing pieces of clothing that look like couture.

Despite the hard work that is a win-win in my book 🙂


She was trying to lift off …


… in her mind I think she did ❤

Hugs and kisses.

Testing 1 2 3

Testing 1 2 3

Hi there,

I’ve been silent, but still very productive 🙂

You see, I was keeping a little secret…


I was a pattern tester for Willow & Co and their Wanderlust Collection, more specifically for the ever so great Celina Bailey from Petit a Petit and Family.

The pattern I got the amazing opportunity to test was the Ash Jumpsuit.



I love jumpsuits, but my daugther has some “issues” with them, something to do with having to go to the bathroom when your mummy is not around 😉
However she is in loooove with this pair, really easy to dress and undress.

They are also great for running…

…for practice one’s equilibrium…

…and for drawing with chalk on the driveway 😀

Yeahhh for Spring Break ❤

This was the first time I ever tested a pattern, and let me tell you it is hard work. I usually sew for fun, but this time I felt like I really had to keep up and deliver, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t fun. In fact it was amazing :-D.

It was so great that I applied to test another one of their patterns, but that is another story.
One that I will tell you all about on the 22nd of April, the day the Willow & Co Wanderlust Collection will be release.

Can’t wait ❤

Mean while, I must say this testing thing can be quite addictive, so I’m now testing a new pattern for on other amazing girl.
But for now that is still a secret, shhhh !!!!

Here are some links for some of my fellow Ash pattern testers:


Amazing work ❤ ❤ ❤