Some awareness and a wild skirt

Hi there,

So I’ve been loving this KCW season.

I absolutly love going to the zoo with my children, not only because we have sooo much fun seing all those magnificient animals, but also because we learn a lot about our beautifull planet and how to treasure all of it’s diversity.

If you don’t mind I like to talk a little more about the Iberian lynx IMG_7779

This gorgeous cat is on the verge of extinction. There are only a few of them left in the wild, and the Lisbon zoo is taking an active roll in trying to save this beautifull species.

If you want to learn more you can go here (in portuguese) or here (in english).

And now for some actual sewing…


I made this skirt as try out for the double rolled hemmed skirt of the sininen dress.

I had this scrap of fabric for about two years and I knew I wanted to make a skirt with it after I saw this pin.


The little girl wore the skirt for her birthday party last weekend, and she was thrilled 🙂


The fabric is light voile and because it is double layered it, you can’t see through it (thank God!!!)


I added a rainbow elastic waist, for more fun, and I think it makes the skirt (and model)  look really cool 😀


The party was in a horse farm, and all the kids had fun petting the “not so wild” ponies

Hugs and kisses


Mr. Penguin


So, continuing with our trip to zoo… one of the animals I was most excited to see were the penguins 🙂


There is something about this birds that just makes me want to cuddle them.

However, I’m very found of my fingers, as they are quite essencial to my daily life, so I wouldn’t dare try to go near one of this babies 😉

Instead I just went ahead and cuddle this cutie pie ❤

This outfit was sewn for my brothers wedding and probably isn’t very “zoo apropriate”, but I thought he would look so cute near the penguins I couldn’t resist it.

He was the most well dressed little boy those animals have ever seen I can assure you 😉

The pattern is the art museum vest by Oliver+S and I really don’t want to repeat myself, but Liesl gives me no other option…

Best Pattern Ever… for a boy’s vest


The main fabric is the same as here and here (no I didn’t bought the wole bolt… it was an offer from my cousin 🙂 ), and the back and linning are black satin for a more poshed look 😉


– “Mommy, can you see the penguins ?!?!?”

– “No honey, were are they ?”

– “Here mommy, look they are here :-D”


-“Ohhh, I see them honey, but now it’s time to go home, ok ???”


– “Nooooooooo !!!”

Hugs and kisses


Wild things @ the Zoo

Hi there,

It’s KCW again, and I couldn’t be more excited about this season theme…

I love wild things, like… my kids and… my kids 😉

So to get in KCW groove I decided we should go all out and take a trip to the zoo 😀

Of course we had to dress specialy for the occasion…


The girl was properly dressed with her favorite animal… well, after donkies, zebras are a close second, after all they are all in the family 😉


The cool fabric is from Nosh, in Finland ❤

It’s the most awsome knit I have ever worked with and it’s organic to add  to its awesomeness.


The pattern is the  Ethereal Dress by Figgy’s, already used once here, but this time with long sleeves.

I didn’t do the back neck openning because there was no need for it with knit, but I did use the neck facings, as I think it looks more “professional”.


The zebras couldn’t care less 😉

…. more to come tomorrow… think penguins…

Hugs and kisses


Sininen Dress

Hello there,

My little brother got married yesterday

So I made the little lady a flower girl dress 😀


This dress was one of the things I most enjoyed sewing lately.

Besides the obvious reason that it was for a very special day, this was fun to sew because my daughter is the person responsible for the amazing wonder that this dress is 🙂

You see, I wanted a white “broderie anglaise” dress, but she insisted it had to be blue. And why do you ask… because blue is the middle name of my “new little sister”.

Sininen in her native language ❤


I had this blue chiffon laying around in my stash (a present from my sweet seamstress cousin), and the girl stated that she wanted that fabric and no other.

I decided to indulge her because I’ve never sewn the pattern before, and figured I would make the white one, after this “muslin” version.

Ohhh, I was soooo wrong….


The blue dress turned out amazing, me and the little miss were completely smitten by it.

It twirls so beautifully you can’t even imagine ❤

I had hoped to take really nice photos of this dress, but the day was so full (of work, love, and everything in between), that these were the best I could get. I hope the wedding photographer has done a better job than me 😉


The pattern is the hummingbird dress by rabbit rabbit creations ( thank you so much Constança for this lovelly gift

The back is soooo beautiful, but the weather was quite chilly, so “we” decided she shouldn’t take the cardigan off… and that is the reason of that pouty face up there 😉


… and they lived happily ever after…

It was a lovelly wedding

Hugs and kisses

Baby shower

Baby shower


Do you know Patrícia from “Pequeno Mundo a 3” soon to be 4…

I do, she is awsome ❤

Patrícia was the one who challenged me and our friends, to give some of our handmade love to the ones who need it the most. Thanks to that I got the chance to meet her and her eldest daugther Miss Caracolinhos in person, and I was smitten by the both of them.

Patrícia is a giver, and because of that we all ( Ana Sofia, Constança, Inês, Maria João, Marta, Magda, Rita & Fátima, Sara and Soraia) decided we should send her some love too ❤


She is expecting a baby girl any time soon, and every baby needs to be protected from the sun and also look cute at the same time ❤ ❤ ❤

I choose a Liberty print, because it is sooo adorable and girly, and because it is my most loved fabric. So no one is better then Patrícia for me to give it too ❤ ❤ ❤


Miss caracolinhos, couldn’t be left out of the fun, of course, after all she is going to be a big sister, and that must be celebrated with the same enthusiasm. 🙂

I also have a little gift for the beautiful mommy of this adorable girls, but that will be a surprise just for her to see 😉

For daddy R. I don’t have anything except the smiles I hope to give to the loves of his life – I think you got the best presente R. 😉

Wishing you “uma hora muito pequenina”…

… Love you Patrícia ❤ ❤ ❤

Hugs and kisses


The Twister ;-)

Hi there, There are a whole lot of meanings for that word up there, but the one I was going for was tornado aka… my daughter 🙂

She has never ending bateries, and I love her for that ❤

So, when Laura asked for testers for her new pattern – the twisted trousers – I jumped to the opportunity because I knew they would be perfect for my girl 🙂

IMG_7337 (2) I was right 😉

I’ve tried one of Laura’s patterns before and I loved it, so I was thrilled when she pick me to test for her ❤

Actually the top on this pictures is also one of Laura’s patterns, that hopefully will be available soon 😀

IMG_7344 (2) The twisted trousers, as the name states, have twisted seams, that can be enhanced by the use of piping, different colours and/or prints on the leg panels.

IMG_7349 I also used piping in the back yoke. You can use it on the back pockets too and the trousers can be fully reversible 😀

IMG_7356 The front pockets linnig can feature a fun print. I choose flowers for a more girly look…

IMG_7360 …and a knit ribbing waistband for some extra confort 🙂

Perfect for my little hurricane girl ❤



IMG_7395 Thank you Laura  for such an amazing pattern

Hugs and kisses


From Finland with love

Hello there,

Remember those Marimekko goodies I got almost 8 months ago ?!?!?

One of them was actually used shortly after, but it never made it to this little space…

… until now 😀


As it was just 1/2 yard of fabric I knew it would be perfect for a summer top.

IMG_5078 (2)

The pattern is from the japanese book Happy Homemade Vol. 2 and it was one easy-breeze sew 😀



I choosed a neon green grosgrain ribbon for a “bit” of contrast and I think it looks super cool and trendy 😀

What do you think ???


Ohhh, how I miss summer time ❤

Hugs and kisses.